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"I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar!"



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크레용팝 유닛-딸기우유 ‘OK(오케이)’ M/V


Strawberry Milk - OK

Chibi mama Toph and her girls :) #toph #lok #chibi #desenho #drawing #fanart #myart


I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love this little spirit?


It’s rare that a 22-minute episode of a show can tell an emotionally satisfying story all its own, but this week’s The Legend of Korra was definitely one of those episodes. In “Korra Alone” (named after the equally awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender episode “Zuko Alone”), every single moment left an impression, as Korra endured a three-year journey of healing. While parts of the episode offered clear nods to the hero’s journey, the story never got too bogged down in monomyth tedium. Rather, it gave itself free reign to explore Korra’s headspace.

This week’s Korra episode was tonally very different from the premiere, as the focus shifted to Korra and her three-year journey of healing. Here, the storytelling came from an emotional place, freeing up the episode to really explore Korra’s PSTD and the affect Zaheer had on her physical and spiritual self. Beautifully animated, wonderfully scored and dramatically poignant, “Korra Alone” easily ranks among the best episodes of the series — and we’re only just getting started on Book Four!


IGN give Korra glowing review of Korra Alone, the second episode of Book 4 Balance! This is the first Avatar episode for IGN to rate a perfect 10/10!

Read their full review via IGN


The Air Nation: Three Years Later


*cue entire fandom sobbing*

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